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Rego finds a new home

The Rego app has had a permanent place on my home screen since I found it many years ago and started using it to record campsite locations in Europe (I was traveling in a motorhome with my wife and wanted to record some of the amazing places we found along the way)....

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Announcing Rego & Rego Pro, plus a new partnership

A brief history of Rego Five years ago, in 2012, we launched Rego, the app we created for keeping track of our favorite places, and during the next four years we maintained it with the regular introduction of enhancements and new features. That was possible because,...

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Rego 2.6 ?You must update before January 26!

Critical Update ? Rego users must update to version 2.6?before January 26, 2017. Please read this post carefully. Rego uses an online service for certain things: Sharing a place with someone else Publishing a collection of places Importing new places that you?ve added...

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Rego 2.6 ? Create new places from

In Rego 2.6, available in a few days, you will be able to select multiple photos in, and ?share? them with Rego, immediately creating a batch of new places. How might you use this feature? When I'm on a weekend vacation, I'll now snap photos directly in...

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Rego 2.5.1 adds three new 3D Touch actions

With the iPhone model 6s and above (including the new iPhone 7), Apple introduced a technology known as "3D Touch", which is activated when you forcefully press an object on the screen. For example, when you press down on an app icon on your device's home screen,...

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Using Rego for Route Planning & Hiking

With a morning to kill in Velez-M?laga, Spain, I decided to explore the mountains behind the town, using Rego. This article explains how I did it. Finding my routes At dinner last night, I used my iPhone to login to Wikiloc?a huge database of GPS tracks?and search for...

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Rego 2.3 adds support for GPS track files!

Rego 2.3, currently in review at Apple, is one of the most exciting releases to date, as we add support for GPS track files. Many apps focus on the recording of tracks. But that?s of less importance to me, for two reasons. First, I don?t want to consume the battery of...

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Plan and capture your travels with Rego

Together, the Rego app and the online Rego Dashboard make planning, experiencing, capturing and sharing your trips easier and better than ever. Here's the five-step process. Step 1, Planning ? When planning your trip, you'll probably want to start at the online Rego...

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