Critical Update ? Rego users must update to version 2.6?before January 26, 2017. Please read this post carefully.

Rego uses an online service for certain things:

  • Sharing a place with someone else
  • Publishing a collection of places
  • Importing new places that you?ve added at the Rego Dashboard

When we created Rego in 2012, we used a service called ?Parse? to provide these online features. In 2013, Facebook acquired Parse, and a few years later announced it would be shut down.

That shut down will happen?in nine days from now,?on January 26, 2017.?

Rego version 2.6 contains the migration?from Parse to an online service that we operate ourselves, and so it is critical that you update to this version before January 26, as after that date, older versions of Rego will be unable to perform any online operations that previously required Parse.

And after you update, to ensure an error-free migration, it?s best to log out from your Rego account, and then back in, from within the app.

If you have any questions about this, don?t hesitate to contact us.