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One place for all your places & routes

Use Rego to store, organize and enjoy all the places and routes that are meaningful in your life. Places you’ve been, places you are, and places you want to go. Your Rego map will show each of your locations, some highlighted with colors, others favorited with stars, and will plot your routes in red.

Note that unlimited places can be created in Rego Pro, while Rego is limited to 10, a limit which is removed with the in-app upgrade. See this article for more details.

Add places directly in the app

Rego provides a variety of ways to add new places:

  • Your current location
  • An address or geo coordinates
  • Pick a photo that contains location information. (All photos taken with your iPhone contain location information.)
  • Pick a Contact
  • Choose a known place nearby
  • Import a place someone shared with you from Rego
  • Importing a place you discovered at the online Rego Dashboard.

Or online at the Rego Dashboard

Adding places on the fly in Rego is super convenient, but when you’re planning a trip, its often more convenient to start at the online Rego Dashboard. There, you can search and browse for place, adding them to your Rego, or even importing entire collections of places that others have shared.

Add routes & tracks

Rego provides a variety of ways to add tracks or routes:

  • Choose a GPX file from within Rego via any iOS file picker (e.g. Dropbox)
  • Download a GPX link from within Rego
  • Import a track someone shared with you from Rego
  • Click on a GPX link in iOS Safari
  • Download a GPX link from within Rego itself

Capture the moments in photos & notes

Use Rego to capture those special moments related to places & routes in the form of beautiful photos and notes.

Keep it all organized & tidy

Rego provides a variety of ways to organize your data:

  • Organize your places & routes into collections, and then filter your lists by collection.
  • Organize your collections into folders.
  • Further organize your places & routes by favoriting them, or assigning a custom pin color.
  • Assign custom labels to your pin colors.

Start navigating with Rego

Navigate to any location in Rego, via one-click sending to apps like TomTom, Waze, Apple Maps and Google Maps. You can also use the built-in map when navigating Rego routes.

Walking with Rego

Rego is a great companion for your hiking and backpacking trips. Just load up Rego with your routes before, and then use the in-app walking navigation mode to navigate those trails. Never miss a turn again!

Share individual places & routes

Your Rego data is by default private, and only located on your device. Of course, sometimes you'll want to share places, routes and collections with others and Rego lets you do that instantly via email, message, social networks or directly to another Rego user via AirDrop or the online Rego Dashboard.

Or share entire collections

Say you have some friends coming into town and want to put together some recommendations for visiting. Just build a collection in Rego, and then share the entire collection! From the Rego Dashboard, your friends can import them all with one go.

Safeguard your data

Rego lets you backup your places and routes data to Dropbox, and restore it if necessary. Rego also provides a number of export options, including GPX, KML and a human-readable native Rego format.

Note that the backup and restore feature is included in Rego Pro, and is unlocked in Rego with an in-app upgrade. See this article for more details.

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If you have a question, suggestion, feedback, idea or would just like to say "hello!" - we're just a click away and would love to hear from you..

To get in touch, open Rego on your iPhone and tap Settings, Contact & Support, Send Feedback.