In Rego 2.6, available in a few days, you will be able to select multiple photos in, and ?share? them with Rego, immediately creating a batch of new places.

How might you use this feature? When I’m on a weekend vacation, I’ll now snap photos directly in Apple’s Camera app, staying more “in the moment”. Then, when I get back home, I’ll go into, select all the weekend’s photos, and send them all to Rego, immediately creating a whole set of places in one go!

How does this new feature work? There are a couple of details to understand, best demonstrated in a quick video:

Important ? Rego 2.6 includes a data migration on launch. While this should be safe, there’s always a small risk of data corruption. To be on the safe side, please go perform a Dropbox backup of your Rego data right now, a few days before the update is available.

We hope you love this new Rego feature!