Together, the Rego app and the online Rego Dashboard make planning, experiencing, capturing and sharing your trips easier and better than ever. Here’s the five-step process.

Step 1, Planning — When planning your trip, you’ll probably want to start at the online Rego Dashboard, which provides a great experience for finding, discovering and adding places to Rego.

Step 2, Import to Rego — Next, launch the Rego and review your imported places.

Step 3, Navigate with Rego — While traveling, use Rego’s walking navigation feature to help you find those places as you’re walking around.

Step 4, Capture — While traveling, you’ll also want to use Rego to capture those places you visit, adding them to your trip collection.

Step 5, Share — Finally, when you get back (or even while you’re still traveling!), use Rego to publish your trip collection to a page on the Rego Dashboard that you can share with others.