While working on a minor Rego update to fix a few bugs, we decided to add a handful of small, but frequently requested features.

Edit color labels ? You can now edit the names of the color labels. For example, instead of ?Yellow?, your yellow pins can refer to, ?Cafes with Wifi?.

Quickly add places on the fly ? When creating a new place from your current location, we now use the geo coordinates as the default place name, so you can quickly add places on the go, and edit them later.

Quickly remove a place from a collection ? In the past, you had to enter the ?edit? screen, navigate your hierarchy of collections, and deselect the place. Now, just left-swipe in the place list and then confirm, ?Remove from Collection.?

Bulk-organize your places ? When creating a place within a collection, you?ll discover a new option to choose one or more of your ?uncategorized? places.

We hope you enjoy the new features. And as always, if you like the update, we?d be deeply grateful if you?d consider leaving a review of Rego in the App Store. Bye for now!