Rego 2 has just been approved by Apple and is available for sale or update in the App Store.

In principal, Rego is a very simple product?you use it to privately bookmark the places that matter to you and then capture moments related to those places in the form of photos and notes. There?s some supporting functionality?like collections, sharing and a companion website?but essentially it?s just an app to bookmark places.

Getting the user interface and user experience right in even simple products like Rego can be surprisingly challenging, and usually require far more effort than anticipated. When we at Makalu felt we were about 80% complete in the development of Rego 2, we opened a final “Rego 2 Punchlist” at Basecamp, and began the process of honing and polishing the interface, workflows and user experience, and squashing bugs.

When you care deeply about such things, here?s how such a process can turn out?over 320 todos addressed, in that “final 20%”!