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The online Rego Dashboard

Rego has an online companion website called The Rego Dashboard:

The online Rego Dashboard


Purpose of the Rego Dashboard

The Rego Dashboard facilitates getting data easily into your Rego app ? either through searching and browsing, or via?a place or collection shared by another Rego user. The most common way in which people use the Rego Dashboard is travel planning, a?detailed case study of which?can be found in this blog article.

Important note about data synchronization ? It’s important to understand that data transmission between the Rego Dashboard and the Rego app is one-way only, i.e. from the Dashboard into the Rego app.?There?is no two-way data synchronization between the app and?the website. Your Rego data exists?only in your app (unless you activate Dropbox backup, in which case a backup of your data will also be found in Dropbox.)

Getting started ? creating your Dashboard account

You create a Rego Dashboard “account” from within the settings area of the Rego app itself, using your email address and a password. At this point, your Rego app will be “connected” to your account at the Dashboard, for the purpose of receiving places you find and discover at the Dashboard.

Once you’ve created your Dashboard account, you can then visit?the Dashboard in a web browser, and login with the same credentials you used when creating the account. Then, you can start searching for, browsing and discovering places ? and then queue the up for download into Rego, as described below.

Adding places to your Rego

When viewing a place at the Rego Dashboard, if you’re logged into your Rego account, you’ll see a blue “+” button in the upper right corner. Clicking that, and you’ll be able to add the place to your Rego account, and the next time you open the app, it’ll download directly into the app as a new place.

Add place to your Rego


Add collections of places to your Rego

As you know, having read through?The Rego Guide, you can share entire collections of places from within Rego. When another Rego user visits the collection’s link at the Rego Dashboard, they can also import the entire collection in one go! This is great for hotels that want to publish a list of recommended places to visit, or even to send a recommendation list to friends who are coming into town!

Import an entire collection!


So what?s exactly stored at the website?

When you discover thousands of places and see your list of published collections at the Rego Dashboard website, you might get the impression that we’re storing lots of data, or even that the website has a full copy of your own Rego data. Interestingly, that’s?not the case at all! For the interested techies, here’s what’s happening:

  1. Places ? The Rego Dashboard doesn’t store anything related to places. Again, there are no places in?the Rego Dashboard database. How’s that possible? A Rego Dashboard place link contains an encoded information that communicates the place’s coordinates, and possibly its name. From that information, the Dashboard looks up?the place in external sources?like Apple, Google, Foursquare and others?and dynamically builds the page that you see. Neat, huh?
  2. Collections ? The Rego Dashboard does store your published collections. But for each, it only stores the collection name, and the coordinates and titles of the places it contains.

Why is it important to explain all this? Well, sometimes we get contacted by people who have found their, say, business establishment at the Rego Dashboard via?a Google search, and ask us to correct the displayed information ? e.g. the opening hours or telephone number. Since we don’t store any information about places, and since our place pages are generated on-the-fly, we have to explain to these people that they should contact Apple, Google, Foursquare or any of the other sources of information to have that data changed.

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