The Rego Guide

Viewing lists of places & tracks

For any given collection of places & tracks, Rego provides three ways to view your data ? by proximity, by date and alphabetically.


View by proximity

In this view, your places & tracks are listed by their distance from your current location. In the case of tracks, the distance is related to the track start point.

Common to all list views, places & tracks will appear with an key image thumbnail, if one has been added, or else with a generic gray pin or track image. If a place has been favorited, or had a custom pin color assigned, those highlightings will also be indicated.


View by date

In this view, your places & tracks are listed by the date last modified. If you?re recently added a place to Rego, e.g. by importing from the Rego Dashboard, they?ll appear at the top of this list.


View alphabetically

The final view, is by alphabetical sorting, including a swipeable alpha-guide ont he right.

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