The Rego Guide

Rego vs Rego Pro?

Rego has always been a ?relatively? expensive app, compared to the millions that are either free or $0.99. On the other hand, it is unique in functionality, and is a surprisingly powerful and useful application that we?ve invested thousands of hours developing.

Therefore, we?ve put a price on Rego that we believe fairly reflects the value it delivers. And if you read the reviews, you?ll find that most people who have made the investment, absolutely love it!

So our dilemma has always been, ?How can we let people give Rego a try, without having to make the up-front investment?? Unfortunately, Apple don?t provide a mechanism to ?trial? an application.

The solution we settled on is to provide two applications:

  1. The original Rego app has been renamed ?Rego Pro?, costs $14.99 and is fully functional when downloaded.
  2. We then created a second app, called ?Rego?, that is free to download, but is limited to the creation of 10 place bookmarks. You can think of Rego as the “trial” version. There is an in-app upgrade, that removes all limits and additionally enables the Dropbox data backup and restore feature.

We're here to help!

If you have a question, suggestion, feedback, idea or would just like to say "hello!" - we're just a click away and would love to hear from you..

To get in touch, open Rego on your iPhone and tap Settings, Contact & Support, Send Feedback.