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Rego Places

Rego is about places ? places you’ve been, places you are, and places you want to go. In this article, we’ll look at how to add new places to Rego, and view the ones you have.

Adding places to Rego

To add?a new place in Rego start by tapping the plus icon on the main screen [view]. The following screen is segmented into ?Place? and ?Track?. Here, we?ll focus on the ?Place? segment.

New Place Screen


You’ll be presented with a number of options for creating your new place:

  1. You can create a place from your current location [view].
  2. A known location [view], that Rego can find nearby.
  3. You can search on a name or address [view].
  4. You can manually picking a place on a map [view].
  5. You can choose a contact from your address book.
  6. You can choose one of your photos that has geo location information embedded. (Photos you take on your iPhone will have geo location embedded.)

In the process of adding a new place, you can specify lots of information about the place [view]. In particular, you can:

  1. Add a name (coordinates will be used if you don’t specify a name)
  2. Choose a default thumbnail image
  3. Assign the place to one or more collections
  4. Manually override the address, in case the default calculation is wrong
  5. Tweak the precise position of the pin
  6. Assign the place?to a custom pin color
  7. Favorite it by “Starring”

Viewing Places

When viewing individual places, you?ll find a variety of displayed information:


Let’s explore this screen:

  • A small map is displayed at the top, which, when tapped, will expand to provide navigation options (via the navigation icon in the lower left corner.)
  • A list of any collections you?ve assigned the place to.
  • The place?s address. Note that Rego doesn?t store addresses; rather, it only stores geographic coordinates. So this address is just an approximation using Apple?s reverse address lookup service.
  • The place?s coordinates. You can tap and hold to copy latitude, longitude or both.
  • If the place was created through a place search (which uses the Foursquare public database), then Rego will display an ?Open in Foursquare link?.
  • A ?Discover Nearby Places? link will take you to the online Rego Dashboard where you can discover and optionally import other interesting places that are nearby the viewed place.
  • Below the map, you?ll find a swipeable list of any photos you?ve added. Tap any photo to expand it and optionally add a caption [view].


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