The Rego Guide

Get organized with collections, folders & colors

One you have a sizable number of places and routes in Rego, you’ll likely find yourself wanting to group and organize them.


Four?ways to organize

Rego offers three?organizational concepts that can be seen from the Collections screen:

  1. Smart collections ? These are collections that Rego builds for you automatically, allowing you to view, for example, all starred places, all Yellow-pinned places or all places that haven’t been put manually into any collection.
  2. Collections ? These are collections that you create yourself, and manually manage their contents. From the screenshot below, I have created collections for Restaurants, Photo Shoots and Hiking Trailheads.
  3. Folders ? Folders allow you to group Collections. For example, I have a folder called “Travel”, which contains collections like “2016 Paris, France” and “2014 Berlin, Germany”.
  4. Colors ? You can assign a custom pin color to your places, and then filter on those as a smart list. For example, in the screenshot below, you could filter on all four “yellow” pins.



Create a new folder or collection

From the Collections screen, you can create a new folder or collection by tapping the two icons at the bottom of the screen [view].?In addition, you can also create a new Collection during the process of creating a new place or route.


Adding places and routes to collections

From the place- and route edit screens, you can tap the collections row [view] to manage the collections in which the place or route will exist. This management screen will allow you to select (check) one or more collections for inclusion [view].


Moving collections into folders

You can move a collection into an existing folder, as illustrated in this video [view].


Editing and deleting folders and collections

You can edit and delete folders by tapping the “Edit” button in the top right of the Collections screen [view].

  • When deleting a collection, you’ll be asked if you additionally want to delete all the places in that collection [view].
  • When deleting a folder, you’ll be asked if you additionally want to delete collections, and places within those collections (“Everything”) [view]


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