The Rego Guide

Navigating with Rego

There are two ways in which you can navigate with Rego:

  1. Send a place or route begin/end point to an external app for navigation
  2. Use Rego’s built-in walking navigation mode


External apps

You can send any place or route begin/end point to an external app for navigation. Rego supports Apple Maps, Google Maps, TomTom, Waze and several others [view].

To navigate with an external app, begin by tapping the navigate icon in the lower right corner of any place/track view. You’ll be prompted to choose the external app to which you want to send the place:

Rego?s walking navigation mode

When expanding the large place or track map in Rego, you can toggle the location icon in the lower left corner into “heading” mode, and then use the iPhone’s compass for local heading-based navigation (great for walking).

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