Version History

Version 2.4.4

December 23, 2015

  • Enabled user-editing of place addresses. When you add a place in Rego, the app initializes its address with a reverse lookup using Apple’s address database. Sometimes the resulting address is inaccurate, and so now we allow the user to manually edit it.
  • When a new place is created from a Foursquare search result, we pull in the Foursquare default image as the place thumbnail.

Read the Rego 2.4.4 blog post.

Version 2.4.0 through 2.4.3

November 15, 2015

  • Fixed downloading GPX files from non-SSL URLs
  • Added support for importing Collections (Folders) and Places from KML files
  • Fix Waze URL issue
  • Fix KML import

Version 2.3

September 2, 2015

  • Add GPS Tracks to your collection by importing standard GPX files
  • Organize, manage, backup and share Tracks just like Places
  • Use Nokia Here maps for navigation

Version 2.2.6

July 3, 2015

  • Edit color labels ? You can now edit the names of the color labels. For example, instead of ?Yellow?, your yellow pins can refer to, ?Cafes with Wifi?.

  • Quickly add places on the fly ? When creating a new place from your current location, we now use the geo coordinates as the default place name, so you can quickly add places on the go, and edit them later.

  • Quickly remove a place from a collection ? In the past, you had to enter the ?edit? screen, navigate your hierarchy of collections, and deselect the place. Now, just left-swipe in the place list and then confirm, ?Remove from Collection.?

  • Bulk-organize your places ? When creating a place within a collection, you?ll discover a new option to choose one or more of your ?uncategorized? places.

Version 2.2

  • Added a Today widget showing you the closest four places, along with a quick-access “Create Place” button.
  • Added a Today widget called “Mark the Spot”, with a convenient “Get Directions” button, perfect for marking where you parked your car.
  • Added 1Password integration on the account login screen
  • Searching in your places now includes your notes, in addition to searching on the title
  • Replaced the pin icons with dots on the map.
  • Show folders first in the collections list
  • The search on the collections screen now searches both collections and places
  • Added navigation support for iGo Primo
  • Moved note editing to the place edit screen, so that notes can be added immediately upon place creation
  • Unified the place screen, bringing photos and details together on one screen.
  • Various user interface tweaks and enhancements

Version 2.1

  • Folders ? You can now organize your collections into folders.
  • Smart Collections ? Quickly filter on pin colors.
  • Create place on a map ? By popular demand, we added back the ability to create a place by moving a pin around on a map.
  • Backup reminders ? If you haven?t backed up to Dropbox in a while, we?ll let you know.
  • Improved Nearby-Me View ? Remember the awkwardness of looking at a 4-place collection, only to see three places followed by ?1 Additional Place Further Away?? That?s gone now.
  • Photo Album Access ? The photo picker now provides access to all your albums.
  • Improved Collection Publishing ? The collection publishing workflow has been made much more intuitive.
  • Improved Import from the Rego Website ? When you add places from the Rego website, photos will now get imported as well.

Version 2.0

  • REMOVAL OF TWITTER AND FACEBOOK LOGIN ? If you previously used Facebook or Twitter to login, you can convert your login to a full Rego account by using the “reset password” facility.
  • UNIFIED NOTES ? Rego 2 supports one note per place, as opposed to Rego 1, which supported multiple notes per place. When you launch Rego 2, your notes will be consolidated.
  • PLACE PUBLICATION & SHARING ? In Rego 1, sharing a place created an ?unlisted? web page for private sharing. Rego 2 does away with the publication of single places, and instead supports publication of entire collections of places?and not including photos and notes?at our new website (For some time, Rego 1 shared places will remain available at their existing URLs, but without any photos or notes.)
  • LOCALIZATIONS ? We have removed all language localizations, other than Englsh. We appologize to those of you previously enjoying the additional languages, but it just wasn?t economically feasible for us to continue supporting those.
  • EFFICIENCY ? The entire user interface of Rego has been redesigned with efficiency in mind. We?ve taken your feedback, and our own experience, and streamlined all the common Rego workflows.
  • NEW LIST VIEWS ? There are now three ways to sort your places, by proximity (so the closest ones to you are listed first), by date (so that the most recently created or modified places are listed first) or alphabetically.
  • NEW WAYS TO CREATE PLACES ? There are now six ways to create a new place in Rego:
    • Your current location
    • An address or coordinates
    • A photo that has embedded location data
    • A contact from your address book
    • A nearby places found in an automatic search (you?re gonna love this option!)
    • Importing places that you add online at the website.
  • FAVORITES ? You can now star your favorite places. Those will get a different visual pin style, and can be quickly filtered by a special collection.
  • MULTIPLE PIN COLORS ? You can now assign any of six different colors to your place pins.
  • ENHANCED MOMENTS VIEW ? We now organize your moments by date, and allow you to quickly swipe through them.
  • ENHANCED DETAILS VIEW ? In addition to your own notes, the place Details view now displays the address and coordinates. Tap-and-hold to copy.
  • ADD MULTIPLE PHOTOS AT ONCE ? Rego 2 now allows you to snap and/or choose multiple photos at once to add to a place.
  • GET DIRECTIONS FASTER ? There?s a new setting to pre-select your favorite mapping app (such as Apple Maps, or TomTom). Then, getting directions from Rego involves only a single tap. (You can tap-and-hold to see all the options.)
  • COLLECTIONS SEARCH ? You can now search through your list of collections.
  • REGO.TO WEBSITE ? We?ve created a new companion website to Rego, where you can discover interesting places, and add them to Rego directly from the web.
    • DISCOVER ? Search and discover great new places, including photos, tips, and more. Jump from one great place to another with nearby recommendations.
    • ADD TO REGO ? With a single click, you can add places you discover at to your Rego app. They?ll be available in your inbox when you return to the app.
    • SHARE ? is the fastest place to quickly find and share a place with a friend. Give it a try, you?ll love it!

Version 1.4

  • Ability to export entire collections of places
  • Brought back the ability to export data in KML and GPX formats
  • When deleting a collection, you can now also delete any associated places

Version 1.3

  • Backup and restore your data with Dropbox
  • New permanent collection called Uncategorized to help you identify those places you’ve not yet organized into other collections.
  • You can now add photos of any aspect ratio?portrait, landscape and even panoramic.

Version 1.2

  • RE-ORDER PHOTOS & NOTES ? Manually re-order your photos and notes, by tap-hold-and-dragging them.
  • SATELLITE VIEW ? Toggle between normal and satellite views on the expanded main-screen map, the large place-screen map and the new-place map.
  • DISPLAY ADDRESS & GEO COORDINATES ? On each place’s large map screen, we now display its geo coordinates and address. Copy either to the clipboard with tap-and-hold.
  • FASTER SEARCH ? Searching your own places, notes & captions is much, much faster.
  • NAVIGON SUPPORT ? In addition to Apple & Google Maps, TomTom and Waze, you can now open your places for navigation in Navigon.
  • BUG FIXES & POLISH ? Hoping to make your experience better than ever.
  • Move the “Legal” link to the default place for the small map on the place view.
  • Allow editing the profile from the settings.
  • Use the proper button style for the “Cancel” button in search
  • Improve zoomable photo transition and add double-tap to zoom
  • Add a translucent overlay when cropping a photo
  • Disable pinch zoom for the small map on the place page
  • BUG: Shared places sometimes get /null as the URL
  • Simplify the screen when editing place titles
  • Minor Polish translation fix
  • Improve camera UI elements

Version 1.1

  • SEARCH ? You can now create new places by searching. Search includes Apple’s and Foursquare’s location databases and your contacts.
  • EDIT/REMOVE SHARED PLACES ? You can now edit and remove your shared places.
  • SORTING THE LIST OF PLACES ? When you tap a pin on the map, you’ll find a new icon that will allow you to sort all the places relative to that pin. (Great for planning a trip! How far is everything from my hotel?)
  • BACKUP/EXPORT ? Until we develop a sync solution, you can export your places and notes in a GPX file. (Photos are already saved in your Camera Roll.)
  • CAMERA FLASH CONTROL ? You can now control the flash settings (on, off and auto) in the camera.
  • OPEN IN WAZE ? You can now open your places for navigation in Waze, in addition to Apple & Google Maps, and TomTom.
  • POLISHING ? Rego’s user interface has been polished in many areas.
  • NEW LANGUAGES ? Rego now supports Polish, Finnish and (of course!) Portuguese.
  • Allow zooming all the way out using the zoom buttons
  • If there’s just one place in a collection the map centering doesn’t work
  • Show a HUD when exporting data
  • Update the email text in the Rego export
  • Add a short date form to the Rego exported file name (and the word Export), i.e. “Rego-Export-2013-03-31.gpx”
  • When I sort from a pin the purple icon appears on the first place before the list is resorted, which makes it a bit confusing. Is it possible to avoid that?
  • Add a confirmation on “Stop sharing” — “Really stop sharing this place? Your shared web page will no longer be accessible.”
  • When switching to a collection zoom the map to show the places
  • When first-time sharing a place, default to all moments selected (and remove the “Tap to include moments text” altogether)
  • Make the flash preference sticky (right now it always defaults to off)
  • Move the flash icon a little further away from the edge and enable shows highlight on touch
  • Change the delete moment confirmation to use the photo/note terminology
  • The map callout stays open when activating custom sort, which is good. Is it possible to keep it open also when deactivating the sorting?
  • Change “Change moment date” to just “Change date”
  • Change “Delete moment” to “Delete photo” or “Delete note” (since we’re not really promoting the “moment” concept people are getting confused.)
  • Add purple location icon instead of the “0 m” label for the first place when recentering
  • Bug: Sometimes blank places get created when cancelling the place creation workflow
  • Show feedback HUD after deleting the shared place
  • Add Weibo as a sharing option
  • BUG: The toggle stays blue when adding a place somewhere else than your current location (through search) and returning to the main view even though the map is panned to the newly created place.
  • Remove or work around additional lib localizations
  • Change “Delete shared place” to “Stop sharing”
  • Add Portuguese translations
  • BUG: App crashes when trying to “tell a friend” with the app in Finnish
  • BUG: After sharing and copying the URL to the clipboard rego keeps asking to import it
  • Also update name and location of shared place when resharing
  • Use the non-highlighted icon when tapping the collections bar on the place view
  • Adjust centerpoint indicator size
  • Add separate labels for place “name” and user “name” (needed for Polish)
  • Add Finnish translations
  • BUG: Create a collection, activate the collection, fix a typo in the collection’s name ? the active collection displayed name doesn’t update.
  • Allow entering coordinates in search (it should only go to the location, not prefill the name)
  • Change “Open in” to “Get directions”
  • Add Open in Waze option
  • Add export as GPX
  • Change sharing to have just one shared page per place
  • Last zoom button tweak: change the plus button’s bottom space constraint from -4 to -2
  • Use a separate collection icon on the place view
  • Change the main view collection bar title to white
  • Sorting from a pin when in the fullscreen map should show the table view so you know something happened
  • Add an active state for the custom location button
  • Add custom graphic for the map callout detail disclosure button
  • BUG: The search layout in the main view (when searching your places) is broken on iPhone 4
  • Change the current location and zoom button sizes
  • Hide the centerpoint indicator
  • Allow sorting from a pin
  • Add search when creating a new place
  • Add Polish translation